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Balloon Color Chart

Quality Balloons

We utilize the best quality brands in the industry

Variety of colors

We have access to a huge range of colors to best compliment your event decor.

Variety of sizes

Balloon sizes have a wide range of sizes; 5", 11", 16", 24", 30" and more.

Our Most Popular Latex Balloon Colors

Don't see a color you like? send us a sample color and we will find a complementary color

Website Balloon Chart by Balloons Filled with Love

Orbz Balloon Colors Available

Orbz Balloons are made up of four foil panels and inflate into a round beach ball shape. These are the Solid colors that are available. ** The following colors are also available in 21" Jumbo size: - Gold - Silver - Rose gold - Black - Pastel Blue - Pastel Pink - White gold

*** Please note: COLORS SHOWN ARE STOCK PHOTOS, Not always 100% representative of the true colors. Once invoice is paid, we can send test photos of the actual inflated balloon. 

If using Foils or Orbz, We are not responsible for manufacturer errors on color chart.