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Pricing is dependent on design, complexity, total number of balloons to be used, location and travel time among other factors. For example, we can create balloon decorations for a birthday party for $200 but we can also do it for $2000, everything depends on the designs chosen. You will find basic pricing of our balloon creations on our services page!

Prices found on our services page are base prices, but all items are priced based on size, and can be sized according to your budget. Full creations and installs will have an installation/delivery and breakdown fee (if frames are used). Depending on the type and size of the installation.

Yes! we can do any helium filled designs, bouquets, arches, letters and numbers and 3ft Balloons. however we don’t recommend helium filled decorations for outdoor use, but can absolutely use them if that is part of your vision.

No! In an effort to protect the environment and maintain safety we do not provide services for balloon releases. We are able to provide many options that would still be memorable.  If an animal eats the released balloon it can potentially choke it to death or cause other harm such as suffocation. Please, do not release any type of balloon into the air

We can provide latex free installations and gifts using foil balloons.

For most designs, a minimum of 1-2 hours is needed onsite. For larger designs that get built onsite, sometimes one or more entire days are needed. Please keep this in mind for events being held at third party locations and try to find out in advance from your event space how early our team can get there to set up.

We are based in Malden Massachusetts and will travel within a 25 mile radios of Malden to nearby towns.


We appreciate a few weeks notice, but depending on just how booked we are we can often squeeze in last minute orders.  We carry a wide variety of stock to be able to accomodate people, but the less notice you give the more flexible you may need to be in colors or designs.

A rush fee may apply during peak periods.

We will always try our best to help! We require at least two weeks advance booking for all orders and events. However, in the case that we are available to help, we require your invoice to be paid in full immediately and have a rush booking fee of $35. We also can not guarantee your balloon colors choices will be available. 

We create unique custom balloon decor and balloon entertainment to fit your style and venue. We do all the work, and you get all the credit for hosting an amazing instagrammable event to remember.

There are many variables that hinder the life of a balloon. Ozone and climate conditions are the main conditions that shorten the life of a balloon. Longevity is dependent upon location and climate. 

When Indoors: Foil balloons will far outlast latex balloons, up to 2 weeks and often much longer. Air-filled latex balloons can last longer than 5 days; however, the balloons will oxidize (turn velvet-like and lose their shine) after a few hours. 

*Helium balloons typically last for 12-14 hours. 

Decor is made special for your event – the best optimum appearance is on the day of your event, lasting 8 to 10 hours indoors.

Outdoor Decor: due to temperature changes and other variables that might affect latex balloons, we cannot guarantee outdoor decor.

Cool air, indoor facilities, away from the heat, sun and wind. Balloons can pop when exposed to sun, heat, weather, temperature changes, animals and people. We work with high-quality balloons at the top of industry standards. Balloons will look best when first installed. Take your photos as soon as possible for best results.

We can not guarantee outdoor balloons. Balloon Filled with Love uses the best balloons in the industry, however, high and low temperatures, the sun and wind don’t allow us to guarantee it. 

Submit a booking request/contact form under the “Request Booking/Contact” button. 

Once we have some details about your event, we will provide you with a quote. You can select the designs from our quote that best fit your vision and budget. You can pay your invoice electronically and your event will be booked.

We loves to help the community when we can!  We do receive quite a bit of requests. These request combined together can exceed our budget as we are a small family owned business.  As a result we must selectively fulfill such request. We provide our time, materials, and talents to 2 events/organizations each year. Many of these events are booked a year in advance. You can fill out our form to be considered.

Balloons Filled with Love is a member of PEBA- Pro Environment Balloon Alliance. When safe balloon practices are implemented, balloons are an environmentally responsible way to celebrate and brighten up a space and someone’s day.

  • Renewable resource: Natural Latex is harvested from rubber trees and is a renewable resource.

  • Do not release balloons: All balloons should be secured and then disposed of properly after they are enjoyed. Balloons and their accessories such as string create litter and can harm wildlife, and damage property such as farm equipment when not safely handled and disposed of properly.

Payments may be made with credit/debit card. 

You may also pay with a check. Check must be mailed and clear before the event. NSF checks will be charged $25 which will be added to your invoice.

Retainer fees are nonrefundable due to the nature of our business we have blocked out calendar for your event and declined other events to be able to serve you. If cancellation occurs less than a week away of event date, there will be no refund of any monies paid. However, if the cancellation is weather-driven or an Emergency in nature, we will apply any fees paid, to another date.

Yes! All of our decor using our bases include the strike fee on the quote automatically. After your event, where we come back to take down all of our balloons, frames and re-usable materials and responsibly dispose of them. We can also offer clean up upon request for other decor that doesn’t require bases such as helium decor and Organic garlands. 

We would love to put our professional touches on your event, unfortunately It is our company policy to only inflate professional grade balloons that we purchase since we cannot guarantee the quality of the product if the balloons are not from our company inventory. In my professional experience, the kits from Etsy or Amazon, are not always quality balloons and never come with the amount of balloons or the correct balloon sizes needed to create a full garland. 
We would be happy to create something great for this very special event using our own products, Let us know if you would like us to provide you with a quote.

Yes! Site visits are free for events that are $600+, A small fee of $45- $100 is applied to events that do not meet the minimun  requirement.